Dramatising sports reporting in the time of television

The Times of India is the leading English language newspaper in India. Its sports page is among its most successful sections. The editors perceived some decline in interest. Our analysis, which we agreed on with the TOI team, was that newspaper sports reporting must now compete with digital news and TV. The new Times Sports page sets out to fill in and relive the game, retelling it with rich detail.

An augmented scoreboard highlights key moments

These are the adrenaline turning points that sports fans remember. We saw the sports page’s role as fixing these in memory. Augmented scoreboards and augmented photographs fuse rich data sets that are now available online with pictures that freeze the action.

Beyond the game

Personalities, sports events, and the buzz around them get a series of devices that make effective use of colour and statistics to liven up the page.

We also worked on Times City. Click on the image below to view the sports page.

Project: Times of India | Times Sports Redesign
Client: Bennett Coleman
Design consultancy firm: Itu Chaudhuri Design
Partner-in-charge & creative director: Itu Chaudhuri
Design development: Ritu Kumari, Niloy Kundu
Project Writeup: Itu Chaudhauri Design
Project Duration: 1 year  (2019)