Creating a world of personalised comfort, a website design for the client Sleepwell at Itu Chaudhuri Design. The new sleepwell website encouraged intelligent and educated buying behaviour. By putting the focus on the elevated brand message first and then the products, it differentiated Sleepwell as the leader.

The homepage: introducing the brand first and products second

There’s no loud selling on the homepage. Instead, the focus is on getting the brand’s message, that of personalised comfort, out to the world. Each category is introduced with a benefit level message for each. The industry first personalised mattress selector tool invites the user to really think about their mattress and their idea of comfort. Persona based ‘comfort categories’ reinforce Sleepwell’s personalised comfort message.

Art direction and imagery design to build signature categories and fit products

Establishing a colour palette that stretches the breadth of Sleepwell’s product offerings—from basic to luxury and everything in between. Subtle colour coding and art direction make apparent the different categories and product positions. A space that showcases the product at both the life benefit and feature detail levels—through tasteful lifestyle shoots, high quality product animations and renders that look beneath the covers.

Mattress buying made easy with industry-first educational and personalisation tools

The mattress selector tool makes people choose their comfort preferences and sleeper types. The tool then guides them to a subset of mattresses that match their needs and preferences—an industry first. Further into the buyer journey, the comparator helps users look at mattresses side by side and makes it easy to arrive at an informed decision.

A space to communicate industry leading innovations

Sleepwell has maintained its leadership position by pushing the envelope in mattress science. Innovations have powered the company’s growth over the years. On the site, a dedicated space talks about Sleepwell’s technical prowess—assuring customers that they’re getting the best in sleep science and technology.

Project: Sleepwell website
Client: Sleepwell
Design consultancy firm: Itu Chaudhuri Design 
Partner-in-charge & creative director: Itu Chaudhuri, Lisa Rath
Design concept and development: Ritu Kumari, Sonal Singh
Art director: Ritu Kumari
Assistant art director: Shree Narain
Writer: Itu Chaudhuri, Nitasha Basu, Ayushmaan Agarwalla 
Tech lead: Vikrant Gupta
Developer: Pawan Kumar, Alok Joshi