Preparing a software services firm for the future

Prodapt is a software services firm from Chennai, India. It writes, runs and maintains the software systems telcos need to function. It also automates and digitizes their processes. Itu Chaudhuri Design was approached to help them enter this better league through a rebranding exercise and website design.

A considered reposition

We re-situated Prodapt as connecting the world of services to the world of users. This makes the prodapt positioning very broad without taking telcos out of the picture. It’s a position that has an appropriate dash of the future, while preserving present interests.

A better speak

The core idea is to talk about the end-effect of the work, rather than the specifics of the work itself.

A fresh look

The Prodapt triangle generates a grid, which along with the Prodapt red, forms the heart of the visual style. A modern typeface with a mechanistic flavour suits this kind of company well. Prodapt’s people shot in realistic settings lend authenticity.

A corporate video

A smart corporate video speaks to all businesses presenting Prodapt as a decidedly forward-thinking company, sure of its capability and impact on the world and the everyday.

The red book

The Red Book is a primer to Prodapt that distills Prodapt’s services, impact on clients’ businesses, competitive advantage and vision into a box set of two pocket-sized books. Lucid and economical writing combined with thematic images makes for a rewarding read.

Project: Prodapt Branding
Client: Prodapt
Design consultancy firm: Itu Chaudhuri Design 
Partner-in-charge creative director: Itu Chaudhuri
Art director: Itu Chaudhuri
Brand concept: Itu Chaudhuri
Design concept: Ritu Kumari
Design development: Ritu Kumari, Ashok Dey, Pradyut Nath, Saumya Dalal
Alternate Design Concept: Ashok Dey
Writer: Itu Chaudhuri, Akhoury Abhishek
Animation: Ritu  Kumari, Abhishek Ghosh Project duration 12 months