Visual identity, art direction, event and exhibition design for Madhyam, the debut edition in 2019 celebrating 50 years of Ceramics and Glass at The National Institute of Design
Mãdhyam, the event conceived to celebrate the expression of art, craft, and design articulated through the mediums of ceramic and glass. “Mãdhyam” or medium as it translates in English, aims to provide a platform to the designers, crafts community, and artists to share their learning and experiences through their creations, discourses, and demonstrations.

The visual language is simple and evocative. It intends to celebrate the material and the medium. The logotype designed by Tarun Deep Girdher hand-lettered in Devanagari script rendered in a dry brush stroke — evoking the spontaneity and instantaneous nature of working with ceramic and glass.

Creative Direction: Tarun Deep Girdher
Curators: Nileema Hasija and Tanishka Kacharu
Exhibition Design Faculty: Jonak Das
Lead Designer: Ritu Kumari
Project Team: Prerna Thakker, Subham Sahu, Shrineh Namdeo