Let’s get starteeeeeed 

Exper Executive Education, a pioneering adventure and activity-based camp business created a new product "Let's" for active holidays for the whole family.
“Let’s” offers engaging travel and holiday experiences. “Let’s” looks forward to crafting great adventure experiences like rafting, trekking, biking, surfing, focusing on making outdoor memories with friends and family in the post-pandemic world. “Let’s” needed an identity closer to the outdoors.

Leeeeeeet’s sketch

Getting in the zone, we at Itu Chaudhuri Design explored multiple routes. Great experiences start with an exciting call by a friend— “Let’s” Partyyyy, “Let’s” go rafting, “Let’s” climb, “Let’s” hike, “Let’s” take a road trip, “Let’s” go to the mountains, “Let’s” chillllll. “Let’s” signals activity, excitement and moves customers to action with the promise of thrill and fun amidst nature. Elements of play were at play as we let our imaginations run wild.

Active holidaying

One of the routes that I worked on which didn't make it to the finals but is one of my favorites. Quirky typographic treatments, moving letters, full of excitement, give a sense of activity and movement. Making viewers excited for the upcoming adventure, engaged, and safe at the same time.

Project: Let’s | Branding
Client: Exper Executive Education
Design consultancy firm: Itu Chaudhuri Design

Designer: Ritu Kumari
Project Writeup: Itu Chaudhauri Design
Project Duration: 1 Week